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Cozy Apartments
L' Hort
1 Double Room
La Senyoria
2 Double Rooms
El Celler
2 Double Rooms
El Cantó
1 Double Room


The Rural House


La Casa de l' Escrivà is a more than 100 years old construction. It has been restored preserving its original character, conserving its structure, facades, natural stone walls, its imposing columns visible in the Basement, its wooden beams and the braces in the roof trusses visible in the Attic (old dovecot), its doors and shutters, its furniture, and details like the mill bow in the Basement or the shotgun peephole in the apartment El Cantó used to defend the House from the bandit assaults of the early nineteenth Century.

From all the apartments of the house you can enjoy the shade of the acacia and fruit trees that surround them, the sunlight and the views to the Chapel and the Castle. All the rooms have been adapted to the current needs, taking care of the ultimate finishes and preserving its spirit with spacious interiors and exclusive decoration.

The House was a notary and was therefore always linked to the life in the village.
At that time, the artisan signed one of the tiles of the entire order he was entrusted, and so, during the roof reform, a handwritten signature from the tile factory "Teular" could be found in one of them. The stamp of the furniture factory in Valencia has also been kept on some of the pieces, which were purchased from the so-called Albiol, a family friend. The large jars of the old cellar take us to the time when wine, olive, sausages, hares or pigeons could be found there.